SOLVED Sniper Elite v2 “Failed to initialize D3D11”

Sniper Elite V2 is a game which really sucks. It’s such a great game for those who love shooting games better than the other genres. Sniper Elite V2 also has lots of nice visual things most of the other shooting games don’t like, for example, the slow motion of bullets hitting the most vital body parts. So far, you can play the game only on game consoles like PS3 or Xbox. Now, you can use your computer or laptops too to play This games. This will be an option especially for you who travel a lot while you don’t want to miss even a minute to enjoy the game. But, playing It on computers may give you some specific problems as having been experienced by certain players. The game would often fail to initialize D3D11 though it worked just fine in the other moments.

SOLVED Sniper Elite v2 “Failed to initialize D3D11”

However, don’t let such a kind of problem stop you from enjoying shooting down your enemies. You can really take some steps to have the problem fixed. Running the proper driver for the graphics card is one that you can try. For the ATI Radeon HD 5850 users, the driver can be found here along with the new Catalyst Profiles which supported games for the Catalyst Software. Some improvements on performance have been reported after the application of this step.

The problem can also be fixed by replacing any broken files though re-verifying the game files via Steam. This way, you will have to right-click Game continued by clicking Properties, clicking Local Files, and selecting ‘Verify Integrity of Game Cache’. Don’t forget to also install DirectX SDK if you have tried the DirectX update route. This sometimes is found helpful with DirectX related errors. On Microsoft website, it is available here.

Dropping game while loading like this may also have something to do with RAM issues. This can be noticed from the general usage of the computers themselves. But since files dropping may cause different effects in different games, using the proper driver as above will be the best way for you to avoid the above problem while enjoying playing Sniper Elite V2 on computers.

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